Live Your Life on Purpose… Re-discover your WHY!

” Wherever you go, go with all your heart” Confucious

Rediscover yourself and your life purpose. Reconnect with the things that matter most to you and your family.  Awaken to the wonders that travel gifts you.  

I named this business Living Life Journeys because I truly believe that in order to live life to the full we must first re-discover our purpose and redifine who we truly are and what we want from life.  Then and only then will we see the wonder of the world around us with excitement. 

 “Recreat yourself and open up to your full potentiality” CBT

A world of adventure awaits those who are ready and brave enough to take the first step!

“Nothing is Impossible – the word itself says I’m Possible” Audrey Hepburn

What is holding you back from creating a new reality for yourself today?  It is possible and I know that from my own experience. You just have to be open enough to recognise when things need to change.  It takes faith and trust and a certain amount of bravery to step into the unknown towards a life of fun, freedom and fulfilment.

Are you ready to make this a reality right now?

Let us inspire you through mindful experiences to live your life with purpose and creat some new possibilities!



Be Inspired

Experience the world for all its wonder.

Learn from the experiences of the people you

meet and with whom you share your journey.

Renew Your Soul

Break free from the stress of your daily grind.

Meditating is the perfect way to relax and restore your

body and your soul.

Fun, Freedom & Fulfillment

As you recreate your dreams and goals

you will see new opportunities unfold that can lead

you on an exciting journey to Fun, Freedom & Fulfillment

Dare to Live the Life you have always Wanted !

There comes a time in life when we cannot walk another step forward without exploring the purpose behind our existence.

As we traavel along the journey of life many people lose sight of their ‘Why’ and begin to question their purpose. 

The aim of Living Life Journeys is to show you a way through some of life’s hurdles by offering support as fellow mindful travellers through life.  Let us help you to re-discover your ‘WHY’ and see what it is that colours your life bringing back the excitement, adventure and authenticity.

We offer meditation, inspirational events as well as new opportunities that will give you some amazing choices to travel the world and help others to realise their dreams, opening up some amazing possibilities and potential new income streams.

Open your mind to a world of wonder and begin to realise your life’s true purpose and passion.

Let us help you to begin your own journey of discovery today!

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