5 Useful Travel Tips

How to travel purposefully with five essential travel tips

Deriving the most meaning from your travels comes down to preparation, and part of that essential preparation are these five travel tips. Spending a little time pre-trip will ensure that you have the very best experience and take home travel memories to treasure for years to come.

1.  Pack Light – look at what you are about to pack for your travel and halve it! – remember you will likely purchase clothing locally. Check out this amazing book about packing written by a reformed over packer.

2.  Limit your hand luggage – too many bags will cause you a headache when touring. Hand luggage allowance is normally 7kg… again, try to keep it to 4/5kg on your outbound so you have room for extra on your return.

3.  Toiletries – Buy locally! Just take what you need to get you through the first couple of days. All hotels will have body wash and shampoos and the quality is pretty good now. This will keep the weight of your luggage down too.

4.  Drink loads of water to keep hydrated. – Ensuring you drink enough over the course of your trip starts at the departure airport. Take an empty water bottle through to the departure gate (or buy bottled water from the duty-free shops) and then fill it with water on the aircraft after takeoff. You can bet you will need a sip at 2 am when no cabin attendants are up and about. You can also buy rehydration tabs at the pharmacy or at your departure airport. I use ‘1 Above’ which are great for keeping me hydrated but also amazing for jet lag, travel fatigue and circulation. Taking them will help you to arrive more refreshed and ready to start your tour, as well as keep you going during your tour.

5.  Ladies, take a scarf or sarong – to cover your head and shoulders at some of the temples. A scarf can also double as an extra layer on the long haul flight.

Are you ready to awaken your senses and join us on an incredible journey?