Chrissy is an independant visionary and natural leader.  She is an inspiration to many women who have reached, or are approaching midlife on their own.  Having reached this place herself several years ago, divorced with a son to raise and all the normal issues that come with that, Chrissy certainly understands the rigors of getting through crisis and rediscovering life again. She has hit rock bottom on more than one occasion but always managed to find the inner strength and courage to climb back up with a renewed sense of determination to succeed.   Over the past 10 years Chrissy has invested wisely in her future. There have been times of uncertainly but her unwavering faith has kept her going on an exciting and adventurous path.  She is a professional businesswoman with an endearing warmth that radiates outwards when she smiles. Chrissy has an upbeat positive outlook on life which has seen her through the tough times.  Laughter has always been an important ingredient in her life along with a playful and fun approach to daily life. 

“I truly believe that we are all capable of creating the life we desire. To do this, we have to keep our dreams alive, visualise what we want and be grateful for everything that shows up in life.  Sometimes we have to hit the bottom of the well to know that there is only one way to go… and that is up! ”  


Originally from England, the youngest of three children, Chrissy has always had a curious and adventurous spirit. Her excitement for life has led her to travel the globe and eventually settle in New Zealand in 2002.

Her own journey of discovery began long before moving to New Zealand. Chrissy was always encouraged to be independent and follow her inner calling.  She knew from an early age that she would travel the world – and she did!

Travel opened up Chrissy’s world in so many ways and it also led her along her spiritual pathway. She has always had a great love and intrigue for ancient history, nature and indiginous cultures. Her vivid imagination and adventurous spirit has allowed Chrissy to be open to the possibilities of the Universe.  She has a deep understanding of the importance that gratitude and positivity play in our lives and how this impacts upon everything we do.

Over the past 4 decades Chrissy has led an exciting & adventurous life. She has worked in many interesting professions as well as running her own businesses. She has one son and together they have traveled to many countries and connected with some amazing people. Chrissy is well grounded, lots of fun and has a deep inner wisdom, she believes that life is a journey of discovery to be embraced wholeheartedly.  In the past year Chrissy has taken time out to consider ‘what’s next’ in her life. Her son is settled in a full time motor mechanic apprenticeship and is finding his feet in the adult world.  He is becoming an independent young man wanting to live his own life.  This means that Chrissy now can take time to live the next phase of her life in a new and exciting way.  This involves taking time to smell the roses and choosing to do the things that really make her soul sing. Travel is an important part of Chrissy’s future, as is inspiring women to find the courage to step forwards into their own truth and confidence.

Chrissy has chosen to work on her terms leaving behind the corporate world and the stresses of a traditional business.  “It has become more apparent that ‘online’ business is the way of the future. I have been watching on the sidelines for far too long while others become extremely successful working online. It is now time for me to follow suit and finally be able to help others to pursue their dreams and goals”. Working as an Online Entrepreneur, not only, gives Chrissy the opportunity to earn a great residual income, it also gives her the freedom to work from anywhere, travel more, live a healthier lifestyle and hang out with a community of amazing people.  

“My greatest passion in life is to inspire women all over the globe to step into their own power and find the courage to stop playing it small and step into a place of abundance.  Everyone has it in them to create a life that they will love”



Are you ready to stop playing it small?