Celebrate Life Every Day, don’t put it on hold.

Celebrate your life every day no matter how tough it may feel.  Life would be incredibly amazing if every single day was filled with happiness, laughter and fun. Or would it?
We humans are strange folk, we all aspire to be happy, laugh a lot and enjoy a fun life. If it really was like that 24/7 would we get just a tad bored?  We need those challenges and the challengers in our life to shake us up. When we hit a speed bump in the road, it allows us to take stock. We are able to view where we are going and understand what is needed to get us moving more efficiently. Having said that, some people just grind to a halt. They wonder what just hit them and spend the next decade trying to fix it or put it back to how it was!  Change your mindset now and celebrate life!
My Lesson   One thing I have learned along my journey is that we can’t always fix the mess! To be honest, upon reflection, I am glad that I hit the speed bump in the first place. The reason being, it has helped me to learn and grow. I have been able to take a look at what caused me to hit that bump in the first place and then take aligned action to change course.
That is how we grow as individuals. We learn, we move on, the wheels keep turning.  In order for that to happen smoothly, we have to re-align with our goals and dreams. We realise that we need make a few conscious changes in our life and then hop back on the bus. This time with more excitement, more energy and with a new map!
Life is full of twists and turns and in order to grow and we must be prepared to change what we do. If not, we run the risk of becoming stuck in a rut wondering where on earth we are heading. Another very important thing to remember at this stage is that our life is not just about the destination. It really is about the journey. Just imagine if you start your journey around the age of 20 and you put your blinkers on and focus only on the destination, which happens to be around 65 for example. We go flat out, following the old rules of past generations.  We were taught to work hard, get married, buy a house, get a mortgage, have kids, save to pay off the mortgage, save for retirement. The fun can wait till you retire!  Exciting stuff eh! What happens next – we could very easily face burn out, stress and illness.
How many hours can you work in a week to achieve all of this. What happens when your wife gives up work to bring up the family and you are on a single wage? Goodness me, it becomes like a game of snakes and ladders and before you know it your life becomes too hard.
That sounds very gloomy but It could be worse. Look at ways you can live your life now and make time for your family.  When you start to take aligned action to change your current situation you will notice new opportunities that can help you.
I started this blog off saying “celebrate your life every day”, didn’t I ? Well you absolutely need to.  Despite the stresses of life,  never lose sight of the dreams you started off with. Remember that life is a journey and if you will allow yourself to smell the roses along the way, take time out with your family and stop focusing completely on the end result. Focus more on today because today you are living, today counts, today can be seen in the eyes of your kids and your partner. You cannot predict tomorrow so enjoy today.
Leverage your Time   There are various ways you can look at leveraging your time, spending more time with your loved ones and even putting yourself in a position where you can earn a residual income. Work smarter not harder. Your family will thank you for it in the end and your life will become so much better when you can see the options ahead of you.
Start the New Year with a plan to free up some time for your family. Start Live your life rather than dream your life!
 “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be filled with joy” 

Meditation is for Wimps!


Anyone that thinks meditation is for wimps needs to take a closer look at their own life and ask themselves what they are doing to feed their soul.  Take a look at your life right now!  Can you honestly say that you are happy and stress free more than 60% of the time?  Pick a number;  whether it is 10% or 90% there is still stress right?  How do you manage your stress levels? They won’t go away unless you do something about them. Meditation is one way that can help. There are certainly some temporary fixes but unless you are managing them as a part of your daily routine, they will not just go away. Most people take care of their physical appearance, by making sure they dress in a way that makes them feel good, they might work out at the gym or do some form of exercise to keep fit and well. Diet is often a consideration too. After all, ‘we are what we eat’ so they say! What about your soul?

The soul needs feeding too and is just as important as the rest of you!

We need to take care of our spiritual body in order to fully function. This is where meditation comes in. If you are totally switched on and fully understand the benefits of looking after yourself completely, you might already be meditating. This is awesome and I am sure you are seeing the benefits in your daily life already!  For those of you that have never meditated, or you gave it a go but didn’t keep up a daily routine, then I would ask you to give yourself a challenge and give it a go. What have you go to lose?  You soul will soon begin to sing!

Life has become more stressful and complicated.

Whether you are a CEO of a major corporation, a movie star or a stay at home Mum. It really makes no difference at all. We are all striving to reach our goals or to get through another day.  Whatever it is you do in life there is likely to be an element of stress.  Adults are not the only ones to suffer stress. Our kids do also and that is a sad fact of living in today’s society.  There is pressure at every turn, in every generation each day. Think about how you can de-stress yourself and your family.  Meditation can lead you and your kids to a place of less stress and much more clarity.

Take a look at some very prominent people in our world. You might be surprised who actually does take the time every day to meditate. For example,  Hugh Jackman, Clint Eastwood, Katy Perry, Oprah, Ellen, yes, the list goes on and on. These are just a few of many influential people that look after themselves on all levels. They understand the importance of feeding their soul. They see the benefits in so many ways, they enjoy a more fulfilled life as a result of regular mediation practice. These people are living proof that meditation works and they have found their way to greater success in their lives.

There are many forms of meditation and It might take a while to find the right one for you but it will be there. Start to explore the possibilities around you. There will be local groups in your area, perhaps online options where you can enjoy meditation from the comfort of your own home, or you might try searching for free meditations on You Tube or similar. We all start somewhere and when you find what works for you stick with it for a while. Monitor how you feel. Keep a journal and log your inner journey. It can be fun and exciting and as you see yourself grow, and the world around you look brighter, you will be really pleased that you tried it and your soul will thank you for it!  “Silence is not empty, it is filled with answers”

As this year closes, look ahead and think about how you an make a difference in 2018. Start by making a difference within and then you will start to see your world unfold in a most amazing way!

My challenge to you is to take time to try new things. Don’t assume they won’t work for you because they just might and how amazing would it be for life to look fantastic!

“The world can only change from within…” Eckhart Tolle


Connecting to your Inner Wisdom or Your Soul

Connecting to your inner wisdom is more important that you can imagine.

Choose to Shine!

Connecting to your inner wisdom, or your soul is far more important that you can imagine if you seek inner peace and happiness.

There has been no other time like now to dig deep and look within to re-discover your passion, find your Why and get to know your soul!

Your soul is the essence of you, the real you, and it is so very important for you to align with your soul in order to help yourself and to allow  others to SEE you in your brilliant magnificence.

       In order to shine you need to feed your soul

When you do this it will raise your vibration and allow your soul to really feel alive and fully aligned .The more you are able to do this, the happier you will feel.        You will start to feel more connected with everything around you. 

       The connection between you and your soul will bring you into perfect alignment. 

       Your sense of purpose will become stronger, confidence will ooze out of you and you will find a clarity within that makes you content and happy. You will begin to glow from the inside out!

Choose Change!

Here is a simple experiment to play with… Write a ‘Happy List’

Get a notebook and start to write down everything that makes you feel happy, that makes you smile and feel good inside, for example, it might be chocolate or the aroma of freshly baked bread, or fresh rain falling from the sky. It could be a person who has made an impact on your life or a place that you have traveled to where just felt so happy and excited. Sometimes it is just the warmth of a strangers smile that makes you feel joyous. Whatever it is for you, just begin to write down everything that springs to mind.  

Keep going, see how many things you can come up with. It may be a list of 10 or 20 but you can keep adding to it!

Notice that you have started to smile and already your vibration is changing. Dig deeper still to discover more wonderful experiences from the past that gave your great joy, that made you laugh and feel loved.  The more you add the more your soul sings and your vibration starts to rise. 

Don’t stop!

Can you feel what is beginning to happen here?

The more you write, the more you will connect with your inner wisdom and your soul alignment will become stronger.  You should feel lighter now, less stressed and more alive!  Your worries are floating away, your anxiety is fading and you are feeling a sense of peace.  

Doesn’t this feel amazing?  Your whole body should be feeling lighter too. There will be a feeling of calm that washes over you.

        This is the feeling your soul yearns for. 



When you ‘feed’ all of these happy thoughts into your soul you will become totally aligned and this will lead to more clarity, more enjoyment of life and your whole being will become uplifted.  

As you notice the changes within you, your external world will begin to look and feel different. People will appear differently too. Your family and friends will become more aligned with the real you  that they see in front of them and life will soon start to feel so much better. Everything will begin to flow with so much more ease.

Should you find yourself dipping below the line again, just go back to your list. Add to it, re-write it, either on paper or in your mind. Bring those happy things back into your consciousness. Breathe deeply in and out and you will re-connect again with the joy within you. with your soul.  The more you practice this, you will discover that there will be less and less ‘down’ times.

This is your time to meet the REAL you!  Are you ready? This is your choice so Choose to Shine, choose to look within and choose to SEE the REAL and amazing YOU!

Check out our events: We have some great online beginners programs coming up which will help you to understand the benefits of tapping into your inner wisdom, connecting with your soul and finding a starting place to explore how to make some positive changes in you life to help you to show up and shine.  http://livinglifejourneys.com/inspirational-events/

Some great places to find a little more inspiration: 




I’m coming out! Let go of fear and shine!

What’s your current theme song? Let Diana Ross inspire you and let FEAR go.

‘The time has come to break out of my shell…’

Why do we live in such FEAR of who we really are? Why do we hide from our own reality and put a lid on those very things that make us whole?  It is time to let that fear go so that we can shine as the beautiful and unique individual that is hiding in the shadows.  Time to really live, let the world see all of your abilities…  Feel good, let it show and let go of your fears!

Where were you in 1980?

I was having a ball back then, I was 22 and working aboard a Holland America Line Passenger Cruise ship. Wow, those were some amazingly fun and carefree days. I would sing this song all the time back then so why did I stop?  Why is it that we often fear what we truly desire?

Forward wind to 2013

Life is not always a bed of roses! However, we get up, brush ourselves off and move ahead in the best way we can. My life, in general has not been so bad.  It has been, for the most part, an exciting adventure which has given me a great sense of joy and gratitude.  It is important that we look at the positives in every situation. Every cloud does have a silver lining but it is up to you to find it!  I am, and always have been an eternal optimist and no matter what challenges I have been faced with.  I have always been able to see the light in the distance, which has kept me strong and determined.

As our life progresses we often fall into a pattern of relative normality. This often feels stagnant and occasionally a little blah. For me, this resulted in me keeping the lid on my desire to grow spiritually. I was so absorbed in daily life that I was either too exhausted to follow my spiritual path otherwise it just didn’t fit in. From time to time, when I felt it was ‘safe’ I opened the lid a tiny little bit to explore. Does this sound familiar to you?

Eventually it became apparent that I had reached a crossroads – I was being drawn towards using my gifts for the greater good. I could no longer hide what I believed in.  At the beginning of 2017 I went on an amazing adventure to India. It was one of the most inspiring and uplifting journeys I have ever had. It gave me an opportunity to look within myself and begin to discover who I truly am. I returned home with a renewed sense of self which, in itself felt incredibly empowering.

My vision and my purpose finally became so clear to me.  All that I needed to do now was to own it and share it.  How difficult could that be?  I was ready to share the wisdom and knowledge of my own journey to inspire and motivate others to step into their own truth and connect with their higher self. Getting a Facebook group up and running was the starting point: https://www.facebook.com/groups/612810882259422/

Despite having an incredible business mentor ( Matthew Patti), I was aware that I continued to ‘play it safe’ by not fully showing up. Fear caused me to hide behind myself, making excuses and telling people that “my business is evolving”. 

Over the years, I have been recognised, by many that know me, as the Sales Executive or the Property Investor, the PA or the Banker. They assumed that my creative side was just a hobby.  Believe me, It is not easy to delete the corportate image from people’s minds – or was it me not letting go of that image? Making this decision to change direction was gutsy, or, some would say crazy, however, despite the huge leap of faith I know that I am on the right path. This is who I am!

Time to Show up and own this

  • I am teacher
  • I am healer
  • I am a channel to the angelic realm
  • I am confident, curious & brave
  • I am inspired traveller
  • I inspire & motivate others to seek their truth
  • I am adventurous and fun
  • I am intrigued and excited about the mysteries of our Sacred Ancient earth
  • I am so much more

Step into your truth and shout …’ I’m coming out, I want the world to know…’

Do you resonate with any of the above? I know that I am not along on my path. It can be very scary at times but there are so many people going through the same. Making these changes in their life and ‘coming out’. There are very good reasons for this and yes, this timing is perfect. Let people see your truth so that they can appreciate the magnificent human being that you truly are. If you hide behind your true self, you are not only doing those around you an injustice, but you are doing yourself an injustice.

Be that brave person you know you are and feel empowered by the words of Diana Ross!

Remember too, there is a reason for following this path. Now is the time to start to discover what that is and how to go about it. Follow your heart. Listen to your inner voice. Begin your journey of discovery now.

Acknowledgements to my amazing transformational business mentor Matthew Patti: https://www.facebook.com/MatthewChristianPatti/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/ILoveSpiritualityHealingandCoaching/

Holland America Line : https://www.hollandamerica.com/blog/albert/holland-line-ships-past-and-present/an-outline-of-the-history-of-holland-america-line-part-4/


Meet Reina Cottier – Inspiring New Zealand Artist

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Introducing the work of Reina Cottier

Intuitive artist Reina Cottier shares some of her beautiful work with us.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce you to Reina’s work.

Just recently I had the good fortune to be introduced to the stunning and intuitive work of the very talented Reina Cottier.  Reina lives on the beautiful Coromandel Peninsular of New Zealand’s North Island.  Her work was shown to me by my awesome web designer Vicki Jeffels.  Vicki sent me a link to Reina’s website suggesting I take a look.  She is a big fan of Reina’s art and immediately recognised a connection. Vicki suggested it would be a great idea to connect with Reina since her art is very much aligned with my business.

Cultural Themes and Nature

Reina’s work is magical and she often works intuitively. Much of her art relates to various cultural themes, particularly Maori and Pacific Island. Reina also captures nature, sun and surf themes incredibly well. Considering Reina’s location, it seems only natural that she is drawn to paint such themes.  It was the New Zealand style work that caught my eye initially. It very much reflects my intrigue for sacred sites, walking the old pilgrim trails and the energy of our earth.  After a closer look I discovered Reina’s stunning Angel and Goddess art. This also resonates with my connection to the angelic realms and the nature spirits.


Reina Cottier – Tui Bird

I find it particularly interesting that Reina mentions on her own website; (https://www.artfindnz.co.nz/project/reina-cottier/) ‘that her work is always evolving, since she is brave enough to walk her own path and show her vulnerability by living her own truth and passion.’  Following this path will result in a certain feeling of inner freedom which is very empowering and absolutely should be embraced.

I can totally relate to Reina’s statement,  having stepped away from a corporate role so that I can follow my passion.   It is not at all surprising, therefore, that I have been drawn to Reina’s amazing art. While Reina touches the hearts of her clients through her incredible art work, I am able to touch the souls of my clients by sharing a small selection of her beautiful art on my website.

Thank you, Reina Cottier, I look forward to meeting you in person on one of our workshops or tours around The Coromandel.

For more information about Reina go to : https://reinacottier.com/about/

For more information about Vicki go to: www.vickijeffels.com  https://digital-discussions.com/


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