Celebrate Life Every Day, don’t put it on hold.

Celebrate your life every day no matter how tough it may feel.  Life would be incredibly amazing if every single day was filled with happiness, laughter and fun. Or would it?
We humans are strange folk, we all aspire to be happy, laugh a lot and enjoy a fun life. If it really was like that 24/7 would we get just a tad bored?  We need those challenges and the challengers in our life to shake us up. When we hit a speed bump in the road, it allows us to take stock. We are able to view where we are going and understand what is needed to get us moving more efficiently. Having said that, some people just grind to a halt. They wonder what just hit them and spend the next decade trying to fix it or put it back to how it was!  Change your mindset now and celebrate life!
My Lesson   One thing I have learned along my journey is that we can’t always fix the mess! To be honest, upon reflection, I am glad that I hit the speed bump in the first place. The reason being, it has helped me to learn and grow. I have been able to take a look at what caused me to hit that bump in the first place and then take aligned action to change course.
That is how we grow as individuals. We learn, we move on, the wheels keep turning.  In order for that to happen smoothly, we have to re-align with our goals and dreams. We realise that we need make a few conscious changes in our life and then hop back on the bus. This time with more excitement, more energy and with a new map!
Life is full of twists and turns and in order to grow and we must be prepared to change what we do. If not, we run the risk of becoming stuck in a rut wondering where on earth we are heading. Another very important thing to remember at this stage is that our life is not just about the destination. It really is about the journey. Just imagine if you start your journey around the age of 20 and you put your blinkers on and focus only on the destination, which happens to be around 65 for example. We go flat out, following the old rules of past generations.  We were taught to work hard, get married, buy a house, get a mortgage, have kids, save to pay off the mortgage, save for retirement. The fun can wait till you retire!  Exciting stuff eh! What happens next – we could very easily face burn out, stress and illness.
How many hours can you work in a week to achieve all of this. What happens when your wife gives up work to bring up the family and you are on a single wage? Goodness me, it becomes like a game of snakes and ladders and before you know it your life becomes too hard.
That sounds very gloomy but It could be worse. Look at ways you can live your life now and make time for your family.  When you start to take aligned action to change your current situation you will notice new opportunities that can help you.
I started this blog off saying “celebrate your life every day”, didn’t I ? Well you absolutely need to.  Despite the stresses of life,  never lose sight of the dreams you started off with. Remember that life is a journey and if you will allow yourself to smell the roses along the way, take time out with your family and stop focusing completely on the end result. Focus more on today because today you are living, today counts, today can be seen in the eyes of your kids and your partner. You cannot predict tomorrow so enjoy today.
Leverage your Time   There are various ways you can look at leveraging your time, spending more time with your loved ones and even putting yourself in a position where you can earn a residual income. Work smarter not harder. Your family will thank you for it in the end and your life will become so much better when you can see the options ahead of you.
Start the New Year with a plan to free up some time for your family. Start Live your life rather than dream your life!
 “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be filled with joy”