Connecting to your Inner Wisdom or Your Soul

Connecting to your inner wisdom is more important that you can imagine.

Choose to Shine!

Connecting to your inner wisdom, or your soul is far more important that you can imagine if you seek inner peace and happiness.

There has been no other time like now to dig deep and look within to re-discover your passion, find your Why and get to know your soul!

Your soul is the essence of you, the real you, and it is so very important for you to align with your soul in order to help yourself and to allow  others to SEE you in your brilliant magnificence.

       In order to shine you need to feed your soul

When you do this it will raise your vibration and allow your soul to really feel alive and fully aligned .The more you are able to do this, the happier you will feel.        You will start to feel more connected with everything around you. 

       The connection between you and your soul will bring you into perfect alignment. 

       Your sense of purpose will become stronger, confidence will ooze out of you and you will find a clarity within that makes you content and happy. You will begin to glow from the inside out!

Choose Change!

Here is a simple experiment to play with… Write a ‘Happy List’

Get a notebook and start to write down everything that makes you feel happy, that makes you smile and feel good inside, for example, it might be chocolate or the aroma of freshly baked bread, or fresh rain falling from the sky. It could be a person who has made an impact on your life or a place that you have traveled to where just felt so happy and excited. Sometimes it is just the warmth of a strangers smile that makes you feel joyous. Whatever it is for you, just begin to write down everything that springs to mind.  

Keep going, see how many things you can come up with. It may be a list of 10 or 20 but you can keep adding to it!

Notice that you have started to smile and already your vibration is changing. Dig deeper still to discover more wonderful experiences from the past that gave your great joy, that made you laugh and feel loved.  The more you add the more your soul sings and your vibration starts to rise. 

Don’t stop!

Can you feel what is beginning to happen here?

The more you write, the more you will connect with your inner wisdom and your soul alignment will become stronger.  You should feel lighter now, less stressed and more alive!  Your worries are floating away, your anxiety is fading and you are feeling a sense of peace.  

Doesn’t this feel amazing?  Your whole body should be feeling lighter too. There will be a feeling of calm that washes over you.

        This is the feeling your soul yearns for. 



When you ‘feed’ all of these happy thoughts into your soul you will become totally aligned and this will lead to more clarity, more enjoyment of life and your whole being will become uplifted.  

As you notice the changes within you, your external world will begin to look and feel different. People will appear differently too. Your family and friends will become more aligned with the real you  that they see in front of them and life will soon start to feel so much better. Everything will begin to flow with so much more ease.

Should you find yourself dipping below the line again, just go back to your list. Add to it, re-write it, either on paper or in your mind. Bring those happy things back into your consciousness. Breathe deeply in and out and you will re-connect again with the joy within you. with your soul.  The more you practice this, you will discover that there will be less and less ‘down’ times.

This is your time to meet the REAL you!  Are you ready? This is your choice so Choose to Shine, choose to look within and choose to SEE the REAL and amazing YOU!

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