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I am only human!
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I am going to share something with you, because I am real, and I have had some of the same challenges as you over the years.

My biggest problem in 2018 was my weignt. By the end of 2018 it had reached a staggering 80kg, which is huge for me being only 164cm in height. I didn’t realise how much weight I had gained until I saw a photograph of me with a group of friends. Quite frankly I was shocked. Who was that woman in the photo, surely it wasn’t me? That picture totally freaked me out, how could I get to this size and not even see it ?

Over Christmas I pigged out on rubbish, because that was the kind of thing I would do when faced with something so stressful. I just wanted to bury my head in more food!
Come January, I was feeling very ashamed of myself. I decided it was time to take some drastic measures to change things.

People I knew would send me diet information, the most common one was the Keto Diet… that word ‘diet’ just had a major psychological impact on me and I just couldn’t even go there.

Something blatantly obvious was staring me in the face. What was it ?

I did a DNA test and ordered the whole suite of reports to help me change my life for the better. My Healthy Diet and Wellness report held the answers, it included an eating plan, recipe’s, a shopping list plus hints and tips designed to help me based on my own unique DNA. These comprehensive reports give me access to corrective action and advice that is going to get me back on track in every way. This is very exciting and it is designed for me and nobody else.

Fear and self sabotage kick in – crazy but true.

Everyone is different, we all have our own unique genetic blueprint and we all act and react differently. Do we fear success or failure ? Self sabotage comes from both.

Between January and March I lost 8kg and I looked better than I had in ages, I felt alive and vibrant. In March I went overseas, I fell into the trap of eating the wrong foods. My discipline dwindled drastically. I returned home just before Easter… I think you can see where this is going… The negative talk was beginning to kick in at this point, and the extra sugars didn’t help.

Why then, did I allow myself to gain some of those kilos back when I had been in such a good place ? Simple, I am human! If I were to did deep enough I might find some answers that would relate back to my childhood.

Instead of assuming there was a problem from back then, all I needed to do was to refer to my DNA reports. They hold the key to unlocking the secrets of my genetic code. This is where I would discover the answers.

Understanding my own unique DNA will help me to discover my genetic strengths and weaknesses in several areas. Weight and fitness, skin and hair condition, personality and inborn talents, even my nutrition needs. I can understand why I react the way I do to certain situations in my life.

There is a huge amount of information available to me. After all we are all unique and a one size fits all approach isn’t going to work for us all. Finally I have the answers to my dilemma.

Where to from here?

Today is the day to draw a line in the sand and make a commitment to myself, my body and my mind. I will follow what science is showing me to bring my health back into alignment. I will pay attention to my own personal blueprint and make sure that I reach a level of optimum health and fitness. There is no reason that I cannot live a better, healther and longer life.

Today is my day to stand up to those negative thoughts that seem to love feeding me ideas of self sabotage, and conquer my fears of living my best possible life.