My Journey

Hi there,  I am Chrissy B Taylor !
The B stands for Bernadette and it is a part of who I am.  It identifies my roots.

I am a strong willed independent visionary and natural leader.   Inspiring people to rise again from the difficulties they have found themselves in after divorce or separation is something that gives me great satisfaction.  Reaching midlife can tough enough but when you have to do it alone, it can feel impossible, especially if you have children.

I understands the rigors of getting through crisis and rediscovering life again.  I have hit the bottom of the well on more than one occasion.  Somehow, however,  I manage to find my inner strength and courage to climb back up with a renewed sense of determination to succeed and learn from my mistakes.

Over the past 10 years I have invested wisely in my future. It has been an interesting journey of up’s and down’s but I have unwavering faith which has kept me going on this exciting and adventurous path.

I believe, without a doubt, that we are all capable of creating the life we desire. To do that we need to;

1. Understand How
2. Be Ready and Willing to take Action.

If you are reading this now you are taking the right steps towards ‘life only better’!

For me, that was to make the choice to work on my terms leaving behind the corporate world and the stresses of a traditional business.  I believe that our world has changed drastically in the past ten years and the days of a forty hour week over forty years is a thing of the past, and it certainly should be. It is time to stop trading our precious time for money and start to live life enjoying what we love. This can be achieved by taking on a portfolio approach to work.  This means multiple income streams rather than just one.  It is called work security.

Helping people to live a better life is what I love most and with the help of science and technology I am able to help others to gain access to their genetic blueprint which allows them to find the answers to living a healthier and better life.  There are many ways to improve your life.  Follow me to discover how!

Are you ready to unlock your DNA secrets to a life only better?