Life’s Journey – Ups and Downs, Be Inspired


Mindful Life – Happy, sad, light and dark
How, why .. what’s it all about?
Friendships come and friendships go

Trust and Mistrust
Laughter, tears, truth and lies
See the joy, hear the cries!

Work hard, become successful, rich or famous.

Lose focus, lose friends, 
lose everything.

Smile, be positive
Thrive and prosper
Believe in Yourself
Be kind to others
manifest your desires

Love & passion last forever
Until they fade…

Heartbreak, loss, sadness, tears.
Life is full of up’s and downs!





Joyous moments, fun & laughter…
We rise again.

Strength of mind, wisdom, faith
We learn along the way.

Success, wealth, happy times,
Vibrant & confident, we soar to new heights…
Until we drop!

Drop like a stone, stunned & broken
Powerless and empty.
Where are our friends and family now?

Standing alone, lost & lonely
What next?

The cycle of life, 
with its Up’s and Downs

Be real, Be YOU
Stand strong, rise again –
More powerful, more motivated, more together and more alive…

Nobody said it would be easy!

Be yourself – lead, don’t follow
Learn and grow.

With age comes wisdom
Teach others that come after you.

Be kind, life is not easy, 
You well know it’s up’s and downs!

You have learned how to get up and rise again.

Show them….  Teach them your wisdom

You are their living guide!
You have the experience.
It is your legacy, to show them… those that follow.

It is the cycle of life and it is filled with Ups and Downs.





You are no more than those that follow.
You are no less than those ahead
We are all just where we are meant to be.

Our journey is unique and yet all of our lessons criss cross like the sands of time.

WE have a purpose
YOU have a purpose
THEY have a purpose

We are ONE

We collectively are the ‘ I AM’

Life is a journey of ups and downs, good & bad, happy & sad.

Share your story, share your weakness, share your strength
Celebrate your wins
Learn from your losses

Believe, Have faith
Love and Laugh

Don’t be afraid to live your life, 
Love your journey every day that you are alive.

Change is inevitable

…Embrace it with an open heart

Life is a journey that is full of ups and downs

Penned by Chrissy:

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2 Replies to “Life’s Journey – Ups and Downs, Be Inspired”

  1. Thankyou Chrissy
    That is a beautiful honest and genuine reflection of your inner authenticity,i will keep reading it when i need
    Thankyou for the time and effort you made to write this beautiful piece
    Sarah x

    1. Thank You Sarah,

      I appreciate the feedback and I am so happy that this resonated with you xx
      I do love to write so will certainly share more inspiration !


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