Meditation is for Wimps!


Anyone that thinks meditation is for wimps needs to take a closer look at their own life and ask themselves what they are doing to feed their soul.  Take a look at your life right now!  Can you honestly say that you are happy and stress free more than 60% of the time?  Pick a number;  whether it is 10% or 90% there is still stress right?  How do you manage your stress levels? They won’t go away unless you do something about them. Meditation is one way that can help. There are certainly some temporary fixes but unless you are managing them as a part of your daily routine, they will not just go away. Most people take care of their physical appearance, by making sure they dress in a way that makes them feel good, they might work out at the gym or do some form of exercise to keep fit and well. Diet is often a consideration too. After all, ‘we are what we eat’ so they say! What about your soul?

The soul needs feeding too and is just as important as the rest of you!

We need to take care of our spiritual body in order to fully function. This is where meditation comes in. If you are totally switched on and fully understand the benefits of looking after yourself completely, you might already be meditating. This is awesome and I am sure you are seeing the benefits in your daily life already!  For those of you that have never meditated, or you gave it a go but didn’t keep up a daily routine, then I would ask you to give yourself a challenge and give it a go. What have you go to lose?  You soul will soon begin to sing!

Life has become more stressful and complicated.

Whether you are a CEO of a major corporation, a movie star or a stay at home Mum. It really makes no difference at all. We are all striving to reach our goals or to get through another day.  Whatever it is you do in life there is likely to be an element of stress.  Adults are not the only ones to suffer stress. Our kids do also and that is a sad fact of living in today’s society.  There is pressure at every turn, in every generation each day. Think about how you can de-stress yourself and your family.  Meditation can lead you and your kids to a place of less stress and much more clarity.

Take a look at some very prominent people in our world. You might be surprised who actually does take the time every day to meditate. For example,  Hugh Jackman, Clint Eastwood, Katy Perry, Oprah, Ellen, yes, the list goes on and on. These are just a few of many influential people that look after themselves on all levels. They understand the importance of feeding their soul. They see the benefits in so many ways, they enjoy a more fulfilled life as a result of regular mediation practice. These people are living proof that meditation works and they have found their way to greater success in their lives.

There are many forms of meditation and It might take a while to find the right one for you but it will be there. Start to explore the possibilities around you. There will be local groups in your area, perhaps online options where you can enjoy meditation from the comfort of your own home, or you might try searching for free meditations on You Tube or similar. We all start somewhere and when you find what works for you stick with it for a while. Monitor how you feel. Keep a journal and log your inner journey. It can be fun and exciting and as you see yourself grow, and the world around you look brighter, you will be really pleased that you tried it and your soul will thank you for it!  “Silence is not empty, it is filled with answers”

As this year closes, look ahead and think about how you an make a difference in 2018. Start by making a difference within and then you will start to see your world unfold in a most amazing way!

My challenge to you is to take time to try new things. Don’t assume they won’t work for you because they just might and how amazing would it be for life to look fantastic!

“The world can only change from within…” Eckhart Tolle


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