Meet Reina Cottier – Inspiring New Zealand Artist

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Introducing the work of Reina Cottier

Intuitive artist Reina Cottier shares some of her beautiful work with us.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce you to Reina’s work.

Just recently I had the good fortune to be introduced to the stunning and intuitive work of the very talented Reina Cottier.  Reina lives on the beautiful Coromandel Peninsular of New Zealand’s North Island.  Her work was shown to me by my awesome web designer Vicki Jeffels.  Vicki sent me a link to Reina’s website suggesting I take a look.  She is a big fan of Reina’s art and immediately recognised a connection. Vicki suggested it would be a great idea to connect with Reina since her art is very much aligned with my business.

Cultural Themes and Nature

Reina’s work is magical and she often works intuitively. Much of her art relates to various cultural themes, particularly Maori and Pacific Island. Reina also captures nature, sun and surf themes incredibly well. Considering Reina’s location, it seems only natural that she is drawn to paint such themes.  It was the New Zealand style work that caught my eye initially. It very much reflects my intrigue for sacred sites, walking the old pilgrim trails and the energy of our earth.  After a closer look I discovered Reina’s stunning Angel and Goddess art. This also resonates with my connection to the angelic realms and the nature spirits.


Reina Cottier – Tui Bird

I find it particularly interesting that Reina mentions on her own website; ( ‘that her work is always evolving, since she is brave enough to walk her own path and show her vulnerability by living her own truth and passion.’  Following this path will result in a certain feeling of inner freedom which is very empowering and absolutely should be embraced.

I can totally relate to Reina’s statement,  having stepped away from a corporate role so that I can follow my passion.   It is not at all surprising, therefore, that I have been drawn to Reina’s amazing art. While Reina touches the hearts of her clients through her incredible art work, I am able to touch the souls of my clients by sharing a small selection of her beautiful art on my website.

Thank you, Reina Cottier, I look forward to meeting you in person on one of our workshops or tours around The Coromandel.

For more information about Reina go to :

For more information about Vicki go to:


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