Mindful Travel

Mindful Travel is all about moving around with the right state of mind!  We have all had holidays where we blob out on the beach with a good book, take a few sightseeing tours, relax, eat & drink a little too much and have loads of fun- sounds great right!

What does MINDFUL TRAVEL actually mean in comparison though?   To me, it means all of the above but at the same time are able to experience so much more be really living in the moment, touring with a purpose and knowing that you are on an adventure, a journey of discovery. You are seeing everything through the eyes of your inner child perhaps – noticing everything and everyone around you in a different way – You are aware of the smiles on the faces of the people you meet, you pay attention to the sound of the birds and the rustle of the leaves in the breeze.  As I sit here now in Suffolk, England at the home of my parents – I can hear the sounds around me while I sit typing this blog. The windows and doors are open, a man is working in his yard across the street, the birds are chirping loudly and happily in the trees at the back of the house, the wind chimes are tinkling in the breeze… it is lovely and restful, alive and magical all at the same time.

I was up at 6am and out walking with my son in the early morning sunshine. We walked through the woods by the house, watched the birds starting their day, listened to them chatting away in the oak trees and silver birches around us. We walked into an open glade where the sun poured through the trees making everything look alive and beautiful. A little further down the path we came across a red fox just standing watching us approachRed Fox,

I have never, in my whole life seen a wild fox just there in the open only 10 feet from me… it was quite remarkable!   I felt as though I was seeing everything for the first time. That to me is Mindful Travel. 

Tomorrow I may go and do the same walk again but I know it will appear differently. Instead of just taking everything around me for granted I pay attention. No matter where I am, England, Hong Kong, NZ, India – my eyes are wide open and I love to soak up everything that I see. I love to just live in the moment. Life is so short and having the opportunity to travel, to work as I move around from one wonderful place to the next is precious. It is something that, not long ago was just a dream on the horizon and now, I am living it!

Being able to explore my surroundings, take photo’s and share those experiences so that others can enjoy seeing the world through my eyes is a truly beautiful thing.  I am finally living my dream, living my life with purpose and I feel excited and enriched by each new experience!

What does Mindful Travel mean to you?  If you are interested in knowing more about my tours keep up to date with my plans on the website or on facebook. I have some wonderful trips in the planning stages for 2018, whether it is India that excites you or walking the Ley Lines in NZ and Europe, exciting times are ahead for some Mindful Tours that will give you purpose!






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