Mindset Matters – Choose to Shine and Live Your Life

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Mindset does matter so choose to be a shining star!


Life can stir up a huge melting pot of emotions, feelings and judgement. What on earth is that all about?  If that pot
is calm, life seems great, but before you know it someone throws in a pebble and we are back to a place of conflict
and pain. It goes around in circles and is exhausting for everyone. You can choose whether you have a Negative
mindset or you can choose to be a Shining Star. Those ripples can often turn into waves. Heaven forbid it’s not a
wild *7th  wave, or the ‘king wave’ as it is often known. That would get ugly!


Example *https://www.livescience.com/33624-waves-ocean-sets-seven.html


Mindset Choices


Opinions : Everyone has their own opinion, their own story and their own drama.  Judgments are made, untruthsand exaggerations show up. Hurt and disappointment follow and then comes the real anger followed closelyby frustration. People are not open to discussion and the subject becomes *taboo and it remains unresolved




Choices : We all make choices in life, whether to move away or stay close to home and never leave. Both decisions

can cause issues such as I have mentioned already.


Expectations : Why do we have so many unreasonable expectations of each other… and yes, I too am guilty of this.  After years of hurt and sheer frustration I have realised that I must live my life as I choose and not to have anyexpectations of others. This can feel lonely, however, we are never really alone!


Perhaps it is time for us to look within and change our mindset from the negative, which is often brought about by
fear, to  positive, which is borne out of love and acceptance. Life will then feel very different. When our mindset
focuses on negative thoughts, we feel judged, abandoned or hard done by – we become the victim and we wallow in
self-pity believing that life is too hard. Life itself appears to be under a dark shadow and we feel as though we are
the perpetual victim (shudder).  Is this how we actually want to feel? I don’t think so!


What is the alternative ? – You Choose !

 Consider how it would feel if you had everything going in your favour. Imagine right now how you would feel ifbusiness was great and everyone around you really enjoyed your company. Friends, family and colleagues laughing with you, telling stories and having fun – there is no judgement, no jealousy, nothing to hide. You can openly share your successes and your wins knowing that those around you are genuinely happy for you. Because you shine brightly, they feel your happiness radiate out towards them.  You begin to feel the warmth and love of your family and friends, you are motivated to do more, you are inspired by others and they are inspired by you. Good things start to snowball and life starts to feel amazing. Just visualise that?  Imagine for just one second how incredible life would feel?


It’s not difficult – Choose to Live YOUR Life!


Hold on to that feeling, dream big, imagine what happiness means to


Choose to be different, choose to shine, choose to change your


You really can Choose to be YOU –  a happy and balanced you, a You
that doesn’t need to judge or be jealous of others. Mind YOUR own
BUSINESS… in other words – think about your life and how you want to live it, think about what you want to see in
your life, and what makes you happy.  When you take your own life without getting wrapped up in the lives of
others, then and only then will you be truly FREE to LIVE YOUR LIFE.


Live without judgement, love without conditions and Shine!


When you acknowledge and accept this, you can step into your own power and shine like the star you are meant to
be. As you do this, those around you will also begin to heal, they will be set free to live their life too.





  • Gandhi said; “Be the change you want to see…”
  • Chrissy says; “Follow your heart with the strength of a warrior, the wisdom of God and the love of your soul”


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