Live Life Love Travel

Living an abundant lifestyle allows you to travel freely and live well!

Gone are the days when only the rich and famous could travel the world in style.  Today there are so many opportunities for everyone to be able to travel and to live a life of wellness and abundance.   After all, travel is exhausting if you don’t have good health and vitality. There is no reason you shouldn’t have it all! 

I believe that travel feeds the soul. The experiences gained through travel are a true gift. Travel opens us up to new friendships, opportunities and inspiration.  It revives and refreshes us and brings balance to our busy lives.    I personally love to explore the ancient sites, wander through local bazaars and markets connecting with people along the way. I have thousands of photographs stored in albums as well as more recent snapshots stored on my computer. Looking back through them conjours up  images of so many happy times with family and friends, old and new. 

Learning about the local people, their beliefs, folklore and cultures is fascinating.  Sharing stories, smiles and sometimes food with people along the way is special. No matter what the language we are still able to communicate. We live in a very beautiful and amazing world which is just waiting to be explored.

 Just imagine being able to get away from your daily routine more often to explore the world and discover a way to live life better!

Santorini is a place where dreams are made…

Imagine yourself touring around the Greek Islands on a yacht. Swimming in the crystal blue waters of the Agean Sea, watching the sun rise over the beautiful magical island of Santorini!  This is an Island that everyone I know dreams of visiting, including me!

Yes really, I have been to Athens, Crete, Poros and Thassos but never to Santorini – yet!  It is on my adventure list and it will happen sooner rather than later.  I have travelled extensively around the globe but there are places I have yet to see and I know that there are many other women like me, in their midlife, on their own, and yearning to travel and explore but don’t want to go alone – am I right?
Imagine what it would feel like to travel with a small group of  women in a similar situation, women that still feel young and adventurous, that want to explore this beautiful world.   Can you see yourself travelling with new friends in a group, yet still be independant,  free to explore in the safety of a small exclusive group, laughing, sharing stories over dinner with a glass or three of wine while the sun sets on the beautiful day.  How much fun would it be to have an adventure visiting historical sites, castles, churches, walking some of the ancient pathways, perhaps taking a horse trek or a bicycle ride around the area.  A boat trip around the coast, snorkeling and sunbathing in some of the most stunning bays…  Whether it is Santorini, Costa Rica, Spain, The USA, Asia… so many delightful and exciting places to see, but wherever it is you don’t have to do it alone!

Contact me to find out how you can join a small group of adventurous women that want to travel and live life better!