Wellness and Lifestyle

Journey to Wellness

Imagine this…

You can gain access to your very own personalized blueprint for life! 

This is absolutely true!  The future is upon us and it is called Nutrigenomics.  That sounds very scientific and you would be correct.  You can now discover more about your health and well being than ever before, simply by unlocking the secrets to your genetic code. This information will help you to understand what your body needs to live a healthier, better life which will mean that you can live a longer more enriched life.

You will be able to purchase personalized products based on your own unique DNA that will further assist with living a longer and healthier life.  Skin care, hair care, nutrition supplements made just for you. The one size fits all approach will never compare.

You can now take away the guess work, save money in the process and get the perfect products designed for you alone.

Journey to Health Eating

Order a DNA report that will give you a comprehensive guide to the food that you should be eating. It will indicate your food intolerance’s, potential deficiencies, and any genetic weaknesses that relate to food. You will find an 8 week eating plan specifically targeted for your own unique DNA, a shopping list to help you and even alternative menu ideas are available.  By following the advice and guidelines on this report you will soon find yourself back on track to healthy eating which will lead to an overall healthier body. Of course a side effect of this is weight loss!

The food we eat has a huge impact on our general health. By following a plan that is designed for your own unique self you will soon look and feel amazing again. The results are more reliable than any fad diet you will find and at the end of the day will cost you so much less.  

Journey to Fitness

Are you a gym junkie?   What if you had access to a fitness program designed just for you, based on your own DNA ?  No more worries about doing the wrong workout.  Your fitness DNA report will be available in a pdf  form which you can print out and take to your personal trainer to assist them in putting together a detailed program just for you.
You will be able to discover any genetic weaknesses relating to fitness and exercise. Improve your sports performance, build your strength, whatever it is you are looking to achieve your DNA report will guide you.

Contact me for more information on how you can gain access to your own DNA Kit and a Suite of reports.